Custom Taxidermy
Please allow me the pleasure of preserving your trophy Crab, Lobster, Fish, your Aquatic or Exotic Pet including
freshwater and saltwater fish and birds such as Macaws, Parrots, Parakeets, etc.  Please browse through the images
of just a sample of the many custom taxidermy projects I have had the great pleasure to produce.  Click on any image
for a larger view.

Custom work requires a 50% deposit upon my receipt of your specimen. Your permits for protected, threatened, or
endangered species will be required for any work I perform on the listed specimen(s) and NEVER send any protected
specimens without my written approval!

Give me a call at 252-269-0241 or use the contact form below to ask whatever questions you have or get answers to
any of your concerns.
Pet Bird Taxidermy
Peeky Toe Crabs
(Cancer irroratus)
Dungeness Crabs
(Cancer magister)
Gopher Tortoise and Gopher
Tortoise Egg (Protected Species -
Permits Required)
Common Atlantic Octopus
(Octopus vulgaris)
American Lobster
( Homarus americanus)
Cow - nose Stingrays
( Rhinoptera bonasus )
Summer Flounder
(Paralichthys dentatus)
Florida Spiny Lobster
(Panulirus argus)
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Pet Fish
Juvenile ( 1/5 lb.) Asian Tiger
caught in North River, NC
Dolphin or Mahi Mahi Sportfish
XL Blue Crab desk set with pen and
business card holder.  Contact me for
details on getting your own custom
made desk set.
- dried and air brushed